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The Saint John Men's Chorus has been in existence since 2004. It developed from an idea of the Reverend Arthur Gregg who believed that the sound of voices in the lower range was a powerful element of music. He believed too, that singing in this group should be an uplifting experience that everyone could be part of. Arthur Gregg, with his drive and enthusiasm, was a major factor in the longevity and legacy of the group. He believed too that the choir could also help provide community support through its music and performances.

John Shadarevian

               Jonathon Kean

Bass Jonathon Kean is a Senior at Harbour View Highschool where he sings Bass with the Harbour View Choral Ensemble.  Jonathon writes: "I have sung since I was a child, both on my own time and in choirs. I have actively sought out harder pieces to practice to challenge myself. I practice singing 3-4 hours a day and attend private voice lessons with Dr. Kevin Langford." Jonathon has a keen interest in opera! "I love to sing more than anything in the world."

Saint John Men's Chorus 

Jonathon Kean

John Shadarevian

Marcus Seely

                    Marcus Seely

1st Tenor Marcus writes: "Growing up in a church setting, I have had the privilege of singing every week and have done many specials throughout my life. I have been in musicals including Elf the Musical Junior, The Pied Piper, and many short story plays. I have sung in a choir while I was spending a year in Ontario, and am now looking forward with this opportunity to join and participate in the Saint John Men's Chorus."

Winners September 2024

​Over the course of years with many new members, Jay Brown came to be part of the group. An engineer by trade, he brought a logical and organizational aspect to the group. His fine first tenor voice rang through the group for many years. Through Jay, there developed a real cohesiveness and camaraderie between the participants. During this period, and through Jay the group expanded further into the Saint John musical community.

The Jay Brown - Arthur Gregg Legacy Scholarship Fund

The Jay Brown- Arthur Gregg Legacy Scholarship Fund was established in 2023 by the Saint John Men's Chorus. The goal is to attract new talents to the group and give those aspiring singers the opportunity to test and hone their musical skills and provide them with a solid base to help launch them into the realm of choral singing.

In remembrance to both members who have departed from the group, and with the intention to continue the development of their dream and legacy of the Saint John Men's Chorus, we offer the opportunity to younger singers between the ages of 16 and 25 who have the talents and the dream of pursuing further musical advancements, the possibility of assistance over a 1 year period.

To obtain further information on how to apply for this opportunity, please contact the Saint John Men's Chorus through

William Joseph McKinnon


List of Winners January 2024: