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Women's Choir


Plans are underway for Cantores Celestes

New Brunswick Edition, both a women's choir 
and a mixed choir.

••If you are interested in auditioning please go to our contact page for more info••

What kind of musical experience is required of incoming singers?
New singers are expected to have some choral experience or have some musical training.  We sing in various languages, and memorize music for performances.

When do we rehearse?


How much does membership cost?

We expect our members to sell 10 tickets for each of our two main concerts. It works out to $250 twice a year. So you can either sell the tickets and recoup your money or give them away as gifts and you cover the costs.

Where and when do we perform?

What is the concert attire?

Each singer wears a Cantores Celestes costume which cost about $75.  When we perform at casual functions we wear our Cantores Celestes t-shirts and sweat shirts.

What other activities are expected of Cantores Celestes members?

In addition to singing at all scheduled performances, chorus members also contribute to the smooth functioning of the organization by volunteering their skills in finance, stage setup, publicity, etc.

When does Cantores Celestes hold auditions?
Auditions may occur throughout the year at the director's discretion.

What is the audition process?
The audition will consist of a voice quality/range check, a prepared piece (your own choosing), singing scales a cappella, a short sight-reading passage, and a brief interview. Each audition takes around twenty minutes.